David Willing has several projects in development with production companies and independently.

These include TV, web series and feature films that have been short listed and developed through Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

His un-produced screenplays have been finalists in international screenwriting competitions.

Feature Films

The Surrogate

Single mother Natalie suffers massive haemorrhaging and test reveal she gave birth despite not being pregnant.  When vicious paranormal attacks follow, she discovers the ghost of a missing child is attached to her and hell-bent on destroying her family.

The Surrogate on IMDB

.Pre Production - Filming slated for November 2019

Final Draft Big Break - 2018 (Semi-finalist)

New York Horror Film Festival - 2018 (Finalist)

The Seduction

A relationship councillor starts a weekly clandestine sexual relationship with a mysterious woman in his consultation room who then tries to destroy his life.

Winner Catapult Script Development Film Victoria.

Painted With Blood

A passionate art teacher must save her students from being murdered by a vicious evil spectre she accidentally conjured up.


A florist has a bomb strapped to her neck and is forced to rob a bank to save her life.

(Shortlisted By Screen Australia)

Collier Brother Syndrome

A thwarted inventor fortifies his house from an intrusive outside world and hoards it with junk whilst struggling to find a cure for his brothers failing health.

TV Series

The Binding Murders 

Detective Leya Manning is tasked to find the sadistic killer of a family in their house whilst battling to stop her western suburbs community tearing itself apart.

The Past

When Detective Wengel, an Ethiopian refugee, investigates the ritualistic murder of a 9 year old West African girl one of the suspects starts his own investigation into Wengel’s past and threatens to reveal her true identity.

Web Series


William Abbara, Victoria’s most experienced detective searchers for a missing young woman, when a second woman disappears he realises he’s hunting a serial killer and broadcasting yourself on the website ’T-Watch’ can cost your life.