The Escape Hatch - On location with Super Girl played by Amy Hedger - Photo James Lee
 Continuity Sumah Hurley, Director David Willing, 1st AD Lauren Cleary - The Escape Hatch - Photo James Lee
 L to R DOP Darrell Martin, Director David Willing, actress Alison Martin and Amy Hedger (back to camera) - The Escape Hatch - Photo James Lee
 The Escape Hatch - Director David Willing with cast members Alison Martin and Jess Kenneally - Photo James Lee
Indie Spirit Award The Escape Hatch.jpg
 Filming Lunch Date
 Lunch Date with actor Scott Jackson
 Lunch Date - Mahalia Brown (Nadia) and Scott Jackson (Tom)
Scott (Re)construction.png
 (Re)Construction - Ezel Doruk as Ameer
 Jillian Murray as Rose in (Re)Construction
 Filming in Makki Village, Walking With The Mursi
Lip Plate Walking With The Mursi.png
Eating tilla in a Mursi village - Walking With The Mursi
Mursi children curious about my camera - Walking With The Mursi
Fitness training in the Via Ferrata Northern Italy - Walking With The Mursi
The only english speaker I meet in Mursi in one of the most remote parts of the Omo Valley
Mursi woman in a remote village prepares a meal of tila for us.
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